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2020 C8 Corvette: Speculation Roundup

The 8thGeneration “Mid Engine” Corvette was one of GM’s worst kept secrets. We all knew if was on its way, and we will finally see it uncovered on July 18th! As we await the fated day, I have compiled a list of what one can expect from the latest Corvette.

1. Base Performance Upgrades

The Corvette will be gaining a great deal of performance alone from its new rear mid engine design setup, standard. As most auto enthusiasts know too well, mid engine sports cars have better weight distribution due to the engine placement. Improving weight distribution helps in cornering and grip on the rear wheels. Rear engine placement also allows a lower, longer, wider stance, giving engineers great opportunity to also add aero enhancements to improve downforce and overall vehicle performance. On the C7 Vette, aero enhancements were to great benefit, and the C8 should be the first Corvette to gain a real time, mechanically actuated wing spoiler that can adjust according to vehicle speed and driving mode.

2. Technology upgrades, Inside and Out

The C7 corvette, as great as it is, is not well known for its safety technology. The only safety technology includes rear and front view cameras. This time around, expect new features such as blind spot monitoring, 360 degree cameras, and GM’s new digital rear view mirror to be featured, all in stunning HD! A performance data recorder is also expected again for the enthusiasts that wish to record laps on racetracks.

Inside the cabin, leaked photos have confirmed 2 large digital displays, one being a reconfigurable instrument cluster and the other a center infotainment touchscreen. The Vette will also be one of GM’s first vehicles with the new digital vehicle platform, allowing over the air software updates on vehicle electronics.

3. Engine & Transmission

The corvette will come with various engine and trim options, starting with the base stingray version for launch. An upgraded, or perhaps entirely all new, LT1 V8 is expected to be featured, bringing horsepower and torque output in the ballpark of around 500 each. Higher trim models, such as the future ZR1, are speculated to have 1000 plus horsepower! Unfortunately, no manual transmission is expected, given the mid engine layout. Instead, expect a dual clutch automatic transmission to be featured, as seen on many exotic sports cars. It is rumored the dual clutch will come from the same source as the one used on the new Porsche 911.

In addition, rumors speculate the addition of a plug in hybrid powertrain availability. Electric motors could be used to feed power to the front wheels, giving the car “temporary” all wheel drive when in use. This will help with traction and corning on the track, as well as in slippery road conditions.

4. Pricing

GM has always been good at keeping the Corvette within dollars reach for many individuals, and truly have made a sporty car bargain out of the C7. Despite a new mid engine layout, expect price to only increase by 5-10k on base trim levels. So, expect somewhere between $60-70k to start, and of course well past $100k for high performance models.

5. Availability:

The C8 Corvette could be in production by the end of this year, as GM is investing heavily in the workforce and equipment in its Bowling Green Assembly plant. Skeptics believe the car will be rolling out in early winter to those who first made reservations. If you want one, you may want to get in line, dealers are already beginning to take deposits prior to preorders for the car!



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